Hello! My name is Camille and craft-a-mamie is my blog detailing my crafting escapades. The name came about as a combination of two words that I use to describe myself: crafty and cockamamie (as in ideas). I have a lot of ideas and a lot of the time they don't work out but usually something crafty, fun, or useful comes from them.

I live in Oregon's Mid-Willamette Valley with my husband, Tony, who is a budding professional photographer. To see some of his work visit, And the rest of our clan is rounded out by three dogs -  a lab, a yorkie and a yorkie-silky terrier mix. Sometimes it's utter chaos with everyone running around but it's our chaos and I love it.

In addition to making upcycled jewelry I also quilt, knit, and embroider. The knitting and embroidery are new ventures within the last year and I kind of hope they stick around and become part of my repertoire.