Do Over Challenge Reveal

After a bit of a delay, here's my Do Over of the beaded necklace and earrings sent to me:

Here's the full length view of the necklace, very long .
This is the close up of the two different configurations of beads I used  the length of the necklace.
I opted not to make a pair of earrings and just focus on a necklace. I really liked the orange-y colored beads and the smaller iridescent clear/gold beads. I left the clear beads out of my design. I really like tribal, ethnic designs so I chose some carved wood beads from my stash to complete the look. The design itself reminds me more of Native American designs in the overall shape of the necklace. Hopefully, I can find somewhere to wear it.

It was a different experience for me. I consider myself an advanced beginner when it comes to beading and I tried to stretch myself to do something different than I would normally make and I hope I achieved that.

Thanks to Jeannie for organizing this. Check out Jeannie's Blog so you can check out the rest of the participants Do Overs.


Do Over Challenge 2

I am participating in the Do Over Challenge 2 created by Jeannie, a jewelry designer and here's the link to the challenge posted on her blog, And here's an explanation of the challenge:

"The jewelry sent out for this challenge are designs I made when I was new to jewelry-making and did not know any better.  These are designs I won’t sell.  I can’t guarantee what you get or that you will even like it.  Just have fun and keep within the spirit of what this challenge is about; DO OVER! Take a “before” and “after” picture.  Try to use at the very least 50% of the do over piece.  You can add beads from your own stash."

These are my "before" pictures of the earrings and necklace I received. The photos aren't great, I still need to work on my photography.

Come back later for the "after" photos to see what I came up with!


Back from vacation...

Here's a couple of pictures from my recent trip to Southern California. My husband is the photographer in our family. When he gets all the photos processed & edited, I will post a link to his site. Here's the link to some of my husband's photos from our trip. Most of them are of animals from the zoo and he's not done editing all of them so there will be more trickling onto the site as time goes by.



Crooked picture of the beach

Tony taking pictures on the harbor cruise
Sunset from the airplane ride home. I used the Hipstamatic app on my phone.