Do Over Challenge 2

I am participating in the Do Over Challenge 2 created by Jeannie, a jewelry designer and here's the link to the challenge posted on her blog, And here's an explanation of the challenge:

"The jewelry sent out for this challenge are designs I made when I was new to jewelry-making and did not know any better.  These are designs I won’t sell.  I can’t guarantee what you get or that you will even like it.  Just have fun and keep within the spirit of what this challenge is about; DO OVER! Take a “before” and “after” picture.  Try to use at the very least 50% of the do over piece.  You can add beads from your own stash."

These are my "before" pictures of the earrings and necklace I received. The photos aren't great, I still need to work on my photography.

Come back later for the "after" photos to see what I came up with!


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