Photo shoot & Product Shots!

Hello everyone! I'm really excited and happy to say that the majority of my product shots are completed! I do have a couple one of a kind items that have not been finished yet and they will be photographed next weekend.

So what does all this mean? I'm one step closer to opening my Etsy shop! A big part of my Sunday afternoon was spent writing shop policies, writing item descriptions, and setting product prices and shipping and handling. I was able to upload my pics to Etsy and create listings, but those listings are not live yet. The last steps in this process are my banner for my Etsy shop, blog and Facebook. It's in process, as I type and I hope it's done by tomorrow. (crossing fingers)

To tide you all over, I'm sharing a couple product shots from the photo shoot. First a big thanks to my husband, Tony, and his business ASHDR Photography for taking the photos! So without further ado....

Alameda Leather Earrings

Irvington Leather Earrings

The Alameda and Irvington Leather earrings are made of leather and suede scraps that were leftover from a local community art project. I was lucky enough to know the organizer of the project and she gave me the leftover scraps and cut outs. Each earring is comprised of hand punched leather and silver plate jump rings and earwires. There are a limited number of these earrings in a variety of different colors.

University Park Ombre Chevron Plastic Necklace

The University Park Ombre Chevron Plastic Necklace is made out of plastic samples from a sample book I acquired about 6-8 years ago. I was thrilled to have it but had no idea what to do with it so it has sat in my stash of odds and ends for all those years. Each necklace is made of three translucent pieces of plastic. I love all the colors. Since the cutting out and sanding of each piece is a little labor intensive, I have yet to finish assembling all the necklaces from the sample book. The blues and greens are still to come.

For this fall collection I decided to name the pieces of jewelry after neighborhoods in Portland. There's no real significance to the name they received except for I love Portland and I chose neighborhood names that I thought suited each piece.

As soon as the shop goes live I will be posting about it on Facebook and Twitter.

Craftily yours,


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